I spent over a year with “style drift” and trying different brokers, computer screen setups and software tools. I am still refining my process to have it free up mental capital. As I refine the process, I will update this post. But as it stands, here is a list of my current trading setup, tools and resources used to trade the markets.


Broker, Scanning and Charting

Below I will explain the brokers I use and the layout of my 3 screens when the market opens.

*I click between the tabs in the boxes, but the ones in the screenshot are the most common
As alerts go off, I check them and then also look at the actual course of sales in my Iress Viewpoint account.

Pre and Post Market Tools and Scanners

This is the process I am still refining to avoid information overload. But for not, I will list the extra tools I use from most important to least:

  1. Trading Journal – Something I neglected for far too long. You can’t improve what you don’t track. You must know your numbers!
  2. Finviz – I like to see how US sectors are performing
  3. Investing.com – To check on commodity futures and other market moving news
  4. Twitter – I have a love hate relationship with twitter, but there are certainly some accounts worth paying attention to!
  5. Market Index – For quickly checking ASX Indeces and other news
  6. Stockhead – When I want to read into ASX smallcap opinion pieces regarding breaking news
  7. Smallcaps.com.au – Similar to stockhead
  8. Ausbiz.com.au – A ASX news streamed radio channel. Not too bad when I want to hear the news instead of read it
  9. The AFR – I am still a paying subscriber but don’t use it enough

Notable Mentions

Trading is at the very least 50% psychological, so it would be a mistake to not mention the other self improvement efforts I have been working on making a part of my process/habits.

  1. Getting up early – Early enough to do everything I need to do before focusing on the markets
  2. Morning Gym or Exercise – Get the blood flowing into the brain, I tend to think clearer after a morning workout
  3. Tracking my eating – The hardest habit to stick to, this is more body related, but I do find I also think much clearer when I have been eating cleaner
  4. Reading and reviewing what I read – I have found that reading a book with the conscious thought that I am going to review are present my review to the world, I read the book more thoroughly. Bonus points for reading a paperback with a highlighter in hand!
  5. Audiobooks and Podcasts – 3 or 4 years ago I fully replaced radio and aimless audio with Podcasts and Audiobooks. Love it! Sometimes I am too sluggish to have a proper workout in the early mornings so I just go for a long walk and smash out a podcast.
  6. Youtube – I really like watching Qullamagie’s Trading screenshare. He is so wise but also hilarious!

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