What is a CRM?

What is a CRM

Want to know what a CRM is? Want to know who uses CRM software? Looking to find the best software? Look no further!

Automate your bookings or risk losing business..

ATTENTION; An ever shrinking and difficult resource. This is the reality we are currently living in and as such, we must adapt, or be left behind.. Something you might not want to hear.. This comes from experience. Both as a consumer with very limited attention and as an employee of a event management company, trying […]

5 Tips to Eliminate Procrastination in 2022

Cartoon Man Procrastinating

In an age of information overload, our brains are over stimulated with digital content. A high majority of us are addicted to some form of social media or entertainment streaming platform. Although I have a mostly positive view of the future, especially with how many tedious tasks can be automated due to rapidly improving new […]