Trading Journal – 15th April


Seemed to be a pretty good trading week. I am still holding too many positions, but the current open positions are mostly well into profit with small fractions of the original size left (Surfing the EMA’s, waiting for sell rules)

Trade Journal


CNB provided and A+ Setup on Friday Morning, but I did not stick to my trade plan with it. I was lucky to pull $100 profit from it, but again in hindsight, the setup rules would have been much better. I will nopw mark it up for how it should have been traded as apposed to trying to trade the tape. I suck at trading the tape.

Goals for next week

  • Better stock selection.
  • When I find a A+ Setup, stick to the fucking buy and sell rules!
  • More effort to check off each criteria and stick to position sizing better
  • Pay better attention to Volume.
  • More out of market hours analysis so I am not so frantic on the open.

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