Week Trading Journal – 15th May 2022


A crazy week that will go down in history as Cryptocurrency Luna dropped 99.99% in 24 hours after a 2 year, 40,000% increase! I made a split moment decision to cut my SNAS (Nasdaq short) and sure enough, it continued to move in my favour over the next two days. I also found myself too convinced of a coming major bounce and tried to catch too many falling knifes. I am just lucky I have kept my stops pretty tight. I did have one or two trades that resulted in bigger losses than my allowed Risk. Need to really be careful in the opening hour as pretty much every single big mover is getting sold down after 15-30 minutes.

My trading journal doesn’t show much, as the only decent winner is a premature closed swing trade from two or three weeks ago. The open positions are all still early and could fail next week.


Trade Analysis

A+ Trade: PNV was one of the knife catching attempts that actually worked in my favor straight away. I jumped in late last week and it is currently up close to 4 X R. Need more of these! I don’t actually remember the catalyst for taking the trade. More evidence I need to take better notes during trading!

Other Trades

Last weeks A+ setup, CGF, failed and stopped me out. I was correct in taking the 1/3rd off quick so the position still resulted in a small win.

AIS was one of my knife catching attempts. A copper mining operation in Australia. My fundamental reasoning was I doubt copper is going much lower as just about every developed country is commiting to new green initiatives. The chart broke down hard so this was a serious knife catch and I could be out on Monday if it doesn’t get any interest. Similar story with MLX, but MLX is a big Tin mine.

INA is in Real Estate and has steadily been dropping since September last year. I only skimmed over the business fundamentals (It builds retirement villages) but I just thought 45% drop with this last two weeks being very steep, it looks ripe for a bounce.

I also took CXO short as the failed bull flag looked familiar to many stocks that have preceded to slowly churn lower.


  1. Trying to catch too many knifes.
  2. Trading small cap EPs in the opening hour. This just isn’t the right market for it.

Goals for the week:

  1. Stop trading micro caps with no SL in the opening hour
  2. Take better trade notes!!!!!

My Trading Journey..

I have always been interested in Macro Economics and market inefficiencies. More recently, I have been trading since 2017. Over that time, I have made every mistake under the sun. I have struggled with risk management and style drift. This Blog is a tool I have decided to use to help improve my discipline and accountability. As trading is game that can benefit from different levels of Automation, I will be using this journal to review my process to improve and automate some decisions. If you are interested, I will also be regularly updating My Current Trading Process.

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