Trading Journal – 23rd April 2022


For a bearish week (ASX 200 down 2.5% on the week) I am pretty happy with the results. Looking back on my stopped out positions, mostly Uranium names, the setups were all good quality – they simply failed. I stuck to the goal I set myself last week and cut the sideways positions. The positions I did cut ended up dropping to prices that would have stopped me out over the next 2 trading days so I am happy with that decision.


Trade Analysis

A+ Setup: CRR had a news catalyst that resulted in some strong morning volume breaking back into the 9c range. I took the trade and was watching how the 10c wall reacted. There was some reload selling but I was happy with my entry and size so I am still holding the position with SL below breakout day low. I will be looking to take 1/3rd off on Monday or Tuesday (hopefully at 10.5)

A Setup: W2V had a big news announcement on Friday. I was not planning on actively trading the open as the overnight markets were red across the board. But I noticed W2V up over 100% on my volume scanners. I usually try to avoid scalping microcaps in the first hour, but there were a few things that made this an exception:

  1. It was holding up after 20 minutes of trading whilst the rest of the market was heavily in the red.
  2. The price was in the 8-10c range after only having been below 10c for 2 months.
  3. The volume was super strong and getting stronger as it approached 10c.

I got in at around 9.4c and set a sell order at 10.5c immediately. There wasn’t too many sell orders up there and I thought it might spike to 10.5 before selling down. Unfortunately I did scale out of most of the position before it went parabolic to 14c. I was pretty quick to cut the remaining position as I noticed it had lost momentum, but I did end up giving back 50% of the profits getting chopped up thinking it had another leg in it.


  1. Over trading W2V after the morning pump. Should have just walked away.
  2. Over trading BHP on Friday. Thought the gap down was extended and it would recover all day. It didn’t, and I gave too much to the brokers
  3. Having too many Uranium trades on. I even felt the URA move would fail

Goals for the week:

  1. Trade LESS – Markets are so fragile right now. Swing flags keep failing
  2. Improve Journaling even more so I can go back and analyze every trade.
  3. Improve this Journal Process

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